Gentaur Mycoplasma Pneumoniae (MP) Real Time test

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Mycoplasma Pneumoniae (MP) Real Time


This Mycoplasma Pneumoniae (MP) Real Time is a frequently ordered laboratory product.


To order the 346-RD-0100-02 it is very fast. The next week after your order you will receive the Mycoplasma Pneumoniae (MP) Real Time


Mycoplasma is a genus of bacteria that lack a cell wall around their cell membrane. Without a cell wall, they are unaffected by many common antibiotics such as penicillin or other beta-lactam antibiotics that target cell wall synthesis. They can be parasitic or saprotrophic. Several species are pathogenic in humans, including M. pneumoniae, which is an important cause of atypical pneumonia and other respiratory disorders, and M. genitalium, which is believed to be involved in pelvic inflammatory diseases. Mycoplasma species are the smallest bacterial cells yet discovered, can survive without oxygen, and come in various shapes. For example, M. genitalium is flask-shaped (about 300 x 600 nm), while M. pneumoniae is more elongated (about 100 x 1000 nm). Hundreds of mycoplasmas infect animals